What is faith and why is it even important? Travis Williams breaks down Hebrews 11, showing how the faith of various biblical figures drove them to live lives that we marvel at to this day, and how Jesus fulfills the promises that they clung to.

What happens when someone who becomes a Jesus-follower lapses, returns to a former way of life, or gets entangled in sin? Is it all over, or is there still hope? Listen to this message in the Better series, as Paul Trimble discusses a stern warning in Hebrews chapter 6, as well as one of the most enduring stories Jesus ever told about the love of a Father.

No one likes being stuck in a rut. Yet how can a Jesus follower advance and grow in their faith, leaving old ways behind? It’s so much more than a list of rules or “to do” items. Listen to this refreshing, inspiring, and challenging message from Randy Tinnin to hear more.

Sometimes life seems like a series of misadventures, uncertainty, challenge, and discomfort. Does that mean we’re doing something wrong, or that the people around us are doing us wrong? Listen in to this message, based on Hebrews 3 and 4, for a different way of looking at the trials of life, and what you can do differently starting today, that may help you.

Many of us have some type of social anxiety—who hasn’t gotten nervous to speak to a large group or afraid of a gaffe that will embarrass us in front of our peers? But being afraid of a “loss of face” can derail us, hem us in, and pin us down—causing us to miss amazing opportunities that may be exactly what God has in store for us. How can we take a different approach that leads to “life to the full”? Tune in with us to this message to hear more.

In our postmodern society, notions of sin, right and wrong, truth, and God are often believed to be misguided, outdated, and offensive. How can one person’s truth infringe on someone else’s rights to decide for themselves? In this message, we explore how we get to a place where moral wrong is much like one’s favorite ice cream flavor—“true for me but not necessarily for you”. But do people who claim this really believe it? There’s much more to the story. Listen in to hear more.