Wouldn’t life be easier if we knew how our lives would turn out? Worrying about the future is something that comes all too naturally for us as people. When Mark wrote the account of Jesus that bears his name, it appears he wrote a cliffhanger ending. How things would turn out wasn’t clear or obvious, and neither is it in our lives. The outcome is largely up to us, and depends on how we answer the question about who Jesus is; listen in as Jamie Robbins concludes this series of the book of Mark.

A few days after Hurricane Irma bombarded Florida with floodwaters, Bright Meyer kayaked through his home’s front door. What does this have to do with the events recorded in Mark 15? Everything. Listen in to this message as Bright reminds us what a true home is like, and how the message of the cross can keep bringing us back to that reality.

How do you handle stress, adversity, and conflict? Cower in a corner? Put up your dukes? Run for safety? Everybody has their own way of handling difficult times. In Mark 14, Jesus shows a different way. Those around him all faltered in one way or another, much as we do. Yet Jesus, under the most intense pressure imaginable, perfectly handled the perfect storm. In this message, we look at how and why He did so, what we can learn from Him, and marvel at his choices that made it possible for us to follow in his footsteps in our times of difficulty.

What could be more solid and reassuring than a stone building whose beauty was unsurpassed and whose significance united an entire people under God? So when Jesus predicted the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in Mark 13, his listeners were forced to re-evaluate where their trust and confidence was placed. For those of us listening today, where does true security come from? Hint: it’s not the places where we typically seek first. Listen in with Paul Trimble to hear more.

After Jesus flipped tables and drove out profiteers from the temple courts with a whip, religious authorities were incensed. Rather than back down, however, Jesus intensified the conflict by telling a sharp-edged story that implicated those questioning Him and has resonance and power for us today as well. Join Travis Williams as he explains this conflict and how it impacts us today from Mark chapter 12.

In Mark 11, Jesus curses a fig tree for not bearing fruit and then creates a scene by flipping tables in the temple courts. Was he just having a bad day? “Hungry”? Did Jesus have bad days? There’s more to this account than meets the eye. Join Randy Tinnin as he digs into some of the truths of the message Jesus was bringing forth through his words and actions—they have deep meaning for us today and can help us re-orient our lives accordingly.

Jesus had some strong and sobering words for his followers in Mark 9. Behind those words is a spiritual reality that means that our every day, moment, and interaction are pregnant with deep meaning and significance—and that there is a destination for all of us that is worth every ounce of effort we can muster. Watch or listen to hear more.

Who hasn’t felt disappointed by God at some point? If you believe in a good God, what do you make of that? In this message, Jamie Robbins relates the account of a woman whom Jesus declines to help—and digs into what it is about God that we may need to grapple with to better understand Him.

“There’s no ‘G’ in Jesus.” During Jesus’ days on planet Earth, people put all sorts of different expectations and interpretations on him—not much different than today. Join Azariah ‘AZ’ Barrow as he talks about who Jesus is…and who he isn’t.

Listen to Nick Dambrose and Kendal Frantz discuss the teaching and actions of Jesus in Mark 6 as we continue the series from the book of Mark.