We believe in the power of teams

Paul Trimble


If you come to our Sunday service you’ll probably see Paul preaching. Don’t worry, his charades skills make him a captivating speaker.

Pui Tang

Spiritual Growth Minister

Pui makes sure that everyone in our church family is plugged in and taken care of, even if that means bruising his ribs (just ask him about it).

Frank Suarez

Arts & Communications Director

Frank keeps every part of our church family feeling connected (even the parts that don’t like soccer nearly as much as they should).

Dani Williams

Sunday Experience Director

Dani makes sure that every Sunday goes off without a hitch. It might be that her double-jointed fingers let her do twice as much!

Theresa Kawaley

KidsQuest Director

Theresa oversees the programs that help our kids grow up to love God. If you want to spoil her, she is a sucker for anything grilled.

Nicole Rodriguez

Administrative Assistant

Nicole keeps the lights on and the coffee pot full. She’s also really into seafood, which is fortunate considering she lives in Florida.

Randy & Jean Henderson

Elder and wife

Randy and Jean help oversee the different ministries in the church. But don’t let their position fool you, they can throw down on the dance floor!

Frank and Yvette Len

Elder and wife

Frank and Yvette shepherd relationships within the church. Their secret weapon? Eating ice cream to bring people together.